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A social site for optical engineers, scientists and students.
     Designed for web social people with an interest in optics.

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An evolving resource for geometric optics, aberrations and lens design.
Delivered with a fun, social mood that avoids being stuffy!
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Goals for this site:
  • Encourage people to become educated in optics (and encourage them to pursue a college degree in optical engineering)
  • Resource for technical people, not formerly trained in optics.
  • Social site for existing optical engineers to share their love and talent for optical engineering!

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Interested in helping?
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  • Do you want to help me develop mobile device apps? I am an amateur, trying to teach myself. Here is what I have found so far.
  • Should we give up on optics and attempt to make viral William Shatner videos? Yes, I am a Star Trek nerd.  
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