Development Blog

This blog documents how I created optics realm. It is a record for myself.

You might find these mad ramblings useful. But probably not.

It gave me a chance to practice web development....

And archive links without cluttering my bookmarks

Background. How this started and other esoteric background information / motivation

Website Gyrations. How a newbie (leet speak for someone new) got started on web page design

Web design gets tricky I thought this stuff was easy, but it can get frustrating

The "Like" button. I guess I need to do this for advertising

Graphics. Making the site pretty - at least according to this color blind male engineer.

Music additions. I really don't need music here but it is a nice distraction.

"To Do" list. Had to migrate my organization of things to do off my yellow sticky notes onto the web site.

Video Organization. Notes for running and organizing my YouTube channel.

Unicode references.

Used IrfanView to convert opticsrealm thumbnail JPG to a DLL for quick access to an icon in the windows folder and how to size the pixels

Geogebra notes.

These were entered in chronological order but I had a hard time finding stuff. They have been reorganized by subject with entries by date.