E. Aesthetics & Graphics

May 26th, 2011 Favicons
I get retentive and want a cool symbol next to the web browser tab for my web site. After searching for 10 minutes on the web, I find out these are called "favicons". I draw a blue and red doublet in powerpoint and save as a jpeg. I find some random website to convert this to a 48^2 pixel icon. It has to be saved as "favicon.ico" under "manage,attachments" in google sites. When you have my website tab highlighted in your browser (chrome in my case)....the favicon looks great. When you tab off, there is an annoying white background and the tab turns blue. The background isn't transparent and I'm obviously not a graphic artist. After more web searching, I discover that PNG is a gret file format with a transparent background. I use this site to edit the final favicon.

May 26th, 2011 Picture Resizing
Found a cool web tool for resizing images. Could do in picasa but that's another stinking program to fire up.

5 May, 2011 Banner and Logo Eric's AWESOME Idea!!!!

Eric H. came up with a cool logo for the site. Here is his original idea. A lens would act as an "O" and another lens would act as the top of an "R". He even included an awesome ray trace (at left). After more brain storming we decided to make the "O" have an air hole in the center ("air hole" sound sounds dirty). In addition, we thought of decenterd the last element so the "lens font" are all on one line. Matt T suggested making the "R" a doublet. Eric redid the design using asphers on the last surface. The banner at top is what we settled on. The image quality actually focuses but it is F/18. Not bad for a logo.

 6-1-11 Banner Edit for transparency
The banner was designed designed in zemax but I had issue transferring to powerpoint and editing. Actually I got them transferred, but the program and computer got very slow. I used to do this all day long for SBIR proposals. What changed? Translated to Code V and then into power point. If right click in PPT and then save as a picture (PNG) then we lose the transparent background. Eric H. (aka spaz) reccomended paint.net. Awesome program. Open, copy picture from PPT and keep in clipboard. Open paint.net and click new. It will create an image that is the right size for the clipboard. Need to add a layer since it's default transparent.  Cut and paste from powerpoint directly into paint.net. Use magic wand to select back ground and delete.

Using the magic wand will leave some crap around other elements, but a graphics designer can clean that up.

6-2-11 Colors
Was messing around with colors on google sites. There is a pretty limited pallette. But you can enter a hex code for any colors. Vicki L gave me a great link that shows what these codes are!

8-11-11 Animated graphics
Starting work on my first lecture and I wanted to animate a spot moving along a sine wave to show how a light wave propagates in space and time. I like to use paint.net, but couldn't figure out how to get the animation. A YouTube video by Dvvy996 shows how... You need a program called UnFREEz. Another one is here but I have not tested it. This came from a google sites discussion.

9-15-11 Making animated GIFs
I used PPT to draw the images. Each page is a frame. In each frame Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy. Go to Paint.net and hit new. It will default to an image size that will fit your original. Save as a GIF. Repeat for each frame. Use UnFREEz to created animated GIF

9-22-11 Embed animated gifs.
Can't do it in google docs. Here is a potential link that describes it. Can't locate in google gadgets. If I got to link and add it, it goes into my igoogle page? WTF?

Another link. Search on gadget cloud solutions... can't find anything on gifs... they did have this link telling you how to make gadgets... perhaps I make a custom gadget for my nomograph?

Another source:
 Search in google gadgets "image viewer gif". The image is hosted from imageshack. Don't know if they properly support animated gifs? Doesn't work from image shack

10-5-11 I want to view animated GIF on my web page .... not have to click the image to see it.

Here is one way to do this. Use a google gadget called "Image viewer". Easiest to attach image to the same web page. Right click download on that image and "copy link address". Use this inside the "image viewer" gadget:

Shoot GIF is too large. Here is a link that shows an intensive process for reducing an aniamte gif. Should be a program that does this automatically.