H. Video Organization

8-16-11 YouTube guidelines
I tried to upload my first video lesson today. Since it was < 100 megs, I thought I was safe. It got deleted from YouTube for being too long? Turns out there is a 15 minute limit on videos. This one was 17 minutes and got deleted. So... I have to split the first video.

8-17-11 Video Titles
I have chased my tail on how to name video lectures. I want it to be easy to access and find information for users.

My pre-existing course was 13, 1 hour lectures. The power point files were not well labelled. Every time someone had a question that could be answered via my course, I had to open up 3 or 4 files to find the stinking information.

I have to split up my 17 minute lesson 1 into to videos. Do I call them 1a and 1b? Or should I re-record and call them 1 and 2? Actually how do I name them? I think I will follow the convention from my favorite programming channel "theNewBoston". He uses the following convention:

(Name of lecture series ) - (# in series) - (Video Title)

So I will use the following

"Optics Tutorial - # - Title"

So the first one will be "Optics Tutorial - 1 What is light and how to manipulate"

9-20-11 Video recording
FRAPS is great free computer recording software, intended for video gamers. It has very low overhead. Unfortunately it does not properly record my desktop on my work laptop so I had to resort to something else. Fortunately my employer, Edmund Optics, purchased me a copy of Camtasia, which is a great desktop recording software. I use this to record all my power point presentation that I post to youtube. It also easily integrates a webcam and tracks the mouse very clearly. It is kinda pricey but I highly recommend it.