F. Music

May 27th, 2011 Cheesy intro music: Dragged kicking and screaming into podcast hosting
Found a cheesy star trek intro theme and edited the front snipet in audacity. Only want to play if someone is foolish enough to click on kirk. Here is a discussion of how to do this. Turns out you cannot upload an MP3 to google site to play directly. (See last paragraph in this section for the correction). Sites is NOT a hosting site. They probably did this for legal reasons. You have a to find someone to host your audio.

I went to podbean.com per the threads suggestion. Interesting - they have free podcast hosting. I was going to use cyberears, but maybe I'll use these guys. This site is complicated and it took me half an hour to figure how to upload my cheesy star trek mp3 snippet.

Holy frijoles!!! Embedding audio player is nasty. I tried mori's site and the myriad of players and gadgets - well at least four of them. This thread caught my eye since I was not the only one having problems. Doing a search on dewplayer gadget the only one that comes up is in japanese. Didn't want to mess with something I can't read

Finally this thread got me where I am going. I had to edit the html. It added a google gadget box. Why can't I find this gadget? Anyways. I didn't need to sign up for podbean. You can host the MP3 on your google sites. Oh well. More information on this Annuaire's gadgets. Gives the xml code.

4 June 2011 Music tools
Adam B showed me some awesome music websites. There is a database / social network for sounds and music it is called soundcloud.com. Need to see if google sites has a gadget. There isn't If you do a search on google gadget there is a bunch of specific songs/videos that you can embed - these were put together by the artists. This links claims to tell how to embed soundcloud into google sites. Lets try it. This blog tells how to embed soundcloud in a forum. Not what I want. there is a google groups for soundcloud. A cool example of someone who has embedded soundcloud in their site. Soundclloud has a tutorial how to embed in social networks. God I'm an idiot. Spent 10 minutes looking for how to get the html code from soundcloud. There is a "Share" button in the upper left. This button gives the stinkin URL for the song. THis link also gives the HTML code for the embed. You need to be a premuim subscriber to get the mini player, otherwise it is huge:

Can reuse Annuaire's gadget (from above)? 
No. Because it is playing an uploaded mp3 file. I need a mini player that plays an html code.

Soundcloud gives you a simple link.<= click link to play. It navigates you away from optics realm though.

4 June 2011 Free Music Creation Tools
A coworker, Adam B, pointed me to audiotool.com. Very awesome site for creating music. I found out my 9 year old has a better ear for music than I do. Perhaps I'll have him create some tracks for my podcast or vlogs? Eric H indicated Macs have "garage band" or something similar. Another reason to buy an apple product.