B. Website Gyrations

May 22th, 2011 Do I need a website?
I didn't want to start optics realm with a youtube channel. I felt I needed a web page as a gathering point to provide links to:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Podcasts
  • LinkedIn
I didn't want to pay a monthly fee for web hosting and I had no idea how to construct a web page. I checked what software I had on my work laptop and found microsoft publisher. I found a youtube video that talked about how to use it. There was text splattered across the screen describing how the video's author quit using the microsoft product because it sucked for chrome and fire fox. He offered a link to a new video and that is how I found "google sites". DigitalGoulash is AWESOME!!! I love this guy - he taught me how to make web pages and saved me a monthly hosting fee.

May 25th, 2011. Domain name.
I get a domain name from register.com - "optixrealm.com". I built a web page on google sites, link it to my domain name: I am off and running.

May 26th, 2011 Spell Check?
I have a coworker that is very well read. Matt T. I have to go to dictionary.com after every conversation because he uses big werds i dont enderstand. Anyways, he has very negative comments about "optix". The gaming community is calibrated to unique names from thier online gaming personas. Very often, you want a name but it is already taken and they have to be unique due to their databases., so you have to purposely misspell it. You want a virtual handle of "HippyChick" but it is taken so you switch to "HyppyChick" or HipyChick" etc...

My gaming buddy Ed taught me about "elite speak" which was born out of hackers.  1337="leet"="elite". My target audience isn't gamerz who rezp3t misspelling. My target audience is more engineers,scientists and academics. Perhaps I need to rethink how to spell my crazy web project..

Oh... and that "well read" coworker resigned today. Too bad, since he is great with optical testing - I was hoping to make some videos with him.... On the other hand, he has these long pauses when he talks. So perhaps audio is a better media, that way I can edit his pauses. Note to self: get skype (is it called microskype since they were bought out?).

May 26th, 2011 NAKED!!!!
I type "optixrealm.com" into the URL and I get nothing! You have to type "www.optixrealm.com". I search the web furiously to solve this. Turns out that a URL without the "www" is called "naked". There is a lot of web sources that teach how to forward a naked site to a www site but it is all for godaddy.com. I contact register.com to get this resolved and they tell me about, "free", basic web forwarding but it will put advertisements at the bottom. I'd have to pay $50/year for no advertisements. After cussing them out and throwing what godaddy can do, they offer me a free year. I've had it - forget them. I can transfer optixrealm.com to another company, but register.com doesn't guarentee I won't lose the domain.

Forget optixrealm.com. I can walk away from $16 dollars. Shame on me, I didn't research these company's enough. I should have followed what my wife did for her site and just used godaddy.com. I have to admit, I avoided them because I resent the hot chicks they use for advertising. This nerd wasn't going to fall for that. Who knew? They actually have the better web service.