Dan S.

Dan is an Optomechanical engineer with Edmund Optics. In addition to driving solid modelling software, he is adept at programming and stray light analysis with Fred.

He got his BSMechEng from the University of Arizona in 2007. He lives in Tucson Arizona where he is happily not married.

Currently List of ideas for tools (apps, spreadsheets, programs,...)

Feel Free to suggest others through the comments section.

- Shock Test using the accelerometer

    - FAILED: the refresh rate on the phone (at least mine) is not fast enough to capture shock

- Stress Concentration Factors
    - Allow the user to choose the condition as well as parameters such as fillet radius, hole diameter,... and calculate the stress concentration factor around that feature
- Stress Transformation
     - Mohr's Circle
- ISO Fits Table

- Critical Flaw calculation (probably combine this with the stress concentration)
- Self-Weight Deflection
- Rules of Thumb (mechanical only?)

- Interference Pattern Simulator

    - Simulates newton rings and allows the user to change the power error to see the effect on the rings as well as the sag of the surface
- Depth vs. Pressure
    - in water only or water and atmo
- Stress Birefringence