I am an Optics Manufacturing Technician for a manufacturer and supplier of optical components and lens assemblies. I plan on supplementing Scott's video tutorials with homework reviews.

I live in Eastern Pennsylvania, work with Scott and love long walks on the beach. I try to stay active with snowboarding during the winter and running during the warmer seasons. I also DJ (House Music) and love gaming. 

Below is a rough list of how I will be attacking the tutorials. I will convert the video's to audio and will release an audio recording of the homework solutions. I plan on having these available on iTunes very soon.

Rough Podcast episode list
ep1. pilot
ep 2 optic tut 1
ep 3 opt tu 1 HW solutions
ep 4 opt tut 2
ep4 blog sept 2011
ept 5 opt tut 3
ep 6 opt tut 3 hw soln
ep 7 opt tut 4
ep 8 tut 4 hw soln
ep 9 Zemax 1
ep 10 zemax hw 1 soln
ep 11 zemax 2
ep 12 zemax 3
ep 13 optics tut 5
ep 14 optics tut 5 hw soln
ep 15 zemax 4
ep 16 zemax 4 hw soln