Optics Information

Top 10 Optics equations all lens designers should memorize

Color Correction. Equations that show the detriments of material dispersion and how to correct for it.

Aspheres. Site Under construction, but will discuss use and need for aspheres

Asphere Tolerancing. Background information on how to tolerance an asphere. Detailed information on what to put on an optical print (Preliminary - work in progress)

Thermal Defocus. Describes how temperature will effect an optical systems. Gives nomophraphs for how to passively athermalize an optical system.

Passive Athermalized, Color Corrected Lenses. Describes how to select a pair of optical materials to achromatize color and minimize thermal defocus.

Diffractive Coefficients: Converting from Code V to Zemax and Back

Telephoto Ratio - rules of thumb for telephoto and reverse telephoto systems