Spectral Lines, Spectrum

Here are the lines adopted from atomic spectrum / emission:

Other spectrums for reference:

UV loosely 100 to 380 nm

Photopic (day light human vision) 400 to 660 nm, sensitivity peaks at 555 nm (yellow)
Scotopic (night human vision) 380 to 580 nm, sensitivity peaks at 505 nm (green)
Reference here

NIR (near infrared) (outside human vision to ~900nm)
SWIR (Short wave infrared) 0.9 to 1.7µm. I define relative to the InGaAs detector response. Astronomers consider this band to extend out to 2.5µm.
MWIR (Mid wave infrared) 3 to 5 µm. The atmosphere has a transmission window here
LWIR (Long wave infrared) 8 to 12 µm. The atmosphere has a transmission window here                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
From "Color Vision and Colorimetry, Theory and Applications" by Daniel Malacara, SPIE press 2002
UV-C: 100 to 280 nm
UV-B: 280 to 315 nm
UV-A: 315 to 380 nm

Violet, Visible:  380 to 430 nm
Blue, Visible:    430 to 500 nm
Cyan, Visible:    500 to 520 nm
Green, Visible:   520 to 565 nm
Yellow, Visible:  565 to 580 nm
Orange, Visible:  580 to 625 nm
Red, Visible:     625 to 740 nm