Optics References

Here is a list of my "go to" reference books. These are listed in order of my personal preference.

All encompassing encyclopedias and references
  1. Applied Optics and Optical Engineering, Volumes I-XI, Academic Press
  2. Handbook of Optical Systems Volumes 1 -6, By Herbert Gross, Wiley VCH, 2005
  3. Handbook of Optics Volume 1-3, Michael Bass editor, McGraw Hill, 1995 for 2nd edition
  4. Photonics Rules of Thumb, by Miller and Friedman, McGraw Hill
Geometric Optics
  1. Field guide to Geometric Optics By John E. Greivenkamp, SPIE Press, 2004
  2. Modern Optical Engineer by Warren J. Smith, McGraw Hill, 2000 for 3rd edtion
  3. Fundamental of Optics, by Jenkins and White, McGraw Hill, 1957 for 3rd edition
  4. Introduction to Classical and Modern Optics, by Meyer -Arendt, Prentice Hall, 1989 for 3rd edition
  5. Optics, By Eugene Hect, Addison Wesley, 2002 for 4th edition
Optical System layouts and System Engineering
  1. Optical System Design, By Fischer, Tadic-Galeb, Yoder, SPIE Press / McGraw Hill, 2008 for 2nd edition
  2. "Analytic System Design with Pencil and Ruler - the advantages of the y-ybar Diagram" By Roland V. Shack, SPIE proceedings 1973 pg 127-140, 1973
  3. Matrix Methods for Optical Layouts, by Gerhard Kloos, SPIE press, 2007
  4. Practical Optical System Layout and Use of Stock Lenses, by Warren J. Smith, McGraw Hill 1997
  5. Fundamentals of Optical Engineering, By Jacobs, McGraw Hill, 1943
Starting solutions for different optical systems
  1. Lens Design by Milton Laikin, CRC press, 2006 for 4th edition
  2. Modern Lens design by Warren Smith, McGraw Hill, 2004 for 2nd edition
  3. http://www.lens-designs.com/
  4. Zebase By Zemax corporation
  5. Lens View a great reference no longer available, but has "the complete", searchable patent databases for optical systems
    Aberration theory

    Optical Design

    Optical Fabrication


    Straylight and scattering

    Zemax and learning to do lens design. Weak on analysis and tolerancing. Not updated for Optics Studio
    1. Introduction to Lens Design with Practical Zemax Examples, by Joseph M. Geary, William Bell Inc, 2002
    2. A Course in Lens Design by Christian Velzel, Springer Series, 2014
      Photographic Objectives
      1. Applied Photographic Optics, By Sidney Ray, Focal Press, 2002 for 3rd edition.