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Optics Tutorial Videos

Tutorial 1. What is light and how to manipulate it.

Tutorial 2. Lens and focusing basics

Tutorial 3. Using algebraic equations to predict lens imaging

Tutorial 4. Imaging Nomograph - an easy to understand mechanical model to intuitively grasp lens imaging.

Tutorial 5. Near collimated beams manipulated with Newton's thin lens equation.

Tutorial 6. Marginal and Chief Rays. YNU ray trace. Sneak peek at backwards raytracing, y-ybar and Lagrange invariant. 

Tutorial 7. F number or F/#, Field of View, Window or a Plane parallel plate in a converging beam. Difference between EFL and BFL

Tutorial 8. Cardinal points for a thick lens.

Tutorial 9. Axial Color. How to calculate axial color in a simple lens. Some history stuff as well.

Tutorial 10. Achromatic Doublet. How to design an achroamtic doublet. Also some history of stuff.

Tutorial 11. Calculating secondary color in an achromat. Secondary = defocus from center wavelength to extreme wavelengths

Tutorial 12. Aperture stops, pupils, telecentrating

Tutorial 13. Field Stops and Pupil Matching