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Tutorial 7 - Fnum, FOV, window

Tutorial to discuss and show F/#: both infinite and working. Discusses thick lens equations, zero power lens. Demonstrates the difference between focal length and back focal distance. Demonstrates how a window or plane parallel plate in a converging wavefront will defocus an image.

1.You have a microscope objective with an NA of 0.723. At what F/# is this operating? Compute the marginal ray angle incident on the microscope slide.
2.A 100 mm focal length lens is used with a 2/3” detector. Compute the angular full field of view (corner to corner) for an infinite conjugate.
3.An F/3 achromat is used as a 3:1 relay. Compute the working F/#.
4.Compute the focal length to four significant figures for the Edmund Optics UV DCX lens 48297.
5.If the front radius of a lens is 100 mm and its index is 1.85, what is the back radius to make is a zero power element if it is 2.5 mm thick?
6.A 10 mm thick piece of N-BK7 is inserted into an F/1.0 converging beam. How far is focused moved? Repeat for an F/10 converging beam.

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