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Zemax Tutorials

Additional Zemax user video references:

Zemax Tutorial 1 - Introduction to data entry with the lens data editor

Zemax Tutorial 2 - Specify the optical system aperture within Zemax

Zemax Tutorial 3 - Negative lengths: when they are appropriate and when they are errors.

Zemax Tutorial 4 - Wavelength and Field entry. Lens layouts.

Zemax Tutorial 5 - Paraxial system construction, converted to real lenses with Edmund Optics Doublets

Zemax Tutorial 6 - Focusing a lens. Introduction the Merit Function Editor (MFE) and optimizaitons

Zemax Tutorial 7 - Finding Cardinal Points in an Optical System

Zemax Tutorial 8 - Fold Mirrors

Zemax Tutorial 9 - Axial Color

Zemax Tutorial 10 - Designing an achromat

Zemax Tutorial 11 - Modelling and controlling secondary color, chromatic focal shift, finding color crossings

Zemax Tutorial 12 - Finding aperture stops, entrance, exit and general pupils

YouTube videos are no substitute for basic optics knowledge. Please "drive" Zemax with caution. 

I am no substitute for Zemax Technical Support. If you are stuck please consult:
      1.  Zemax manual
      2. Zemax's Knowledge base
      3. Consult the videos below
If these resources do not answer your questions and you have a current Zemax license, contact their technical support. Again I am a poor substitute for the Zemax experts.