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Zemax 6 - Focusing, Merit Function Editor, Optimization

This tutorial shows you how to focus a lens in Zemax. "Focus" is a loose term as it could be paraxial focus, minimum RMS spot size, minimum total wavefront error, etc... We will introduce the Merit Function Editor (MFE) in this video and then how to manipulate the optimizer.

A 25mm diameter N-SF5 element is bi-convex. Radius of 31.94 mm and a thickness of 8.0 mm (Edmund Part 32489). Model this in Zemax. Find the distance from the last optical surface to “focus” for an infinite conjugate (object is infinitely away). Repeat for the following “focus” conditions:
1.Paraxial focus
2.Minimum peak to valley (PTV) spot diameter for a Gaussian Quadrature 6 rings, 10 arms
3.Minimum (RMS) Wavefront for a 20x20 grid of rays
Assume monochromatic 550 nm light 

2.From the lens in the last problem, vary the front and back radius of curvature. Optimize for minimum RMS spot diameter.
1.Hint: Don’t forget to include a focal length constraint!