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Zemax 11 Secondary Color

This video shows how to use Zemax to calculate secondary color. It compares the results to theory. Then we explore maximum chromatic focal shift via graphics and constructing a custom merit function. Finally it is shown how to use the merit function to locate a color crossing by allowing a wavelength to become a "variable".


1. Use Zemax to calculate the secondary color for a 78 mm achromatic lens made of N-BK7, N-SF6.
2. Use Zemax to design a 1.0 to 0.3 µm apochromat using S-FPL53 and S-BSM81. 0.0 center thickness, 100 mm focal length, F/5 Use Zemax to calculate the central wavelength for the apochromatic solutions.
3. Design a N-BK7 and S-NPH2 achromat. 38 mm focal length, F/4. Use the scotopic spectrum within Zemax. Use Zemax to compute the secondary color from 505 nm to the extreme wavelengths.
4. From the prior problem was is the maximum chromatic focal shift over all wavelengths?

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