Solutions Zemax 11

If you are an EO live user, please exercise good character when reviewing solutions

  1. For a thin lens solution, one gets |42.176| µm, for thick lens one may get a shorter secondary color. For the thin lens, the radii are 25.227, -713.823, 110.992 and BFL of 77.958. Spot size stinks - like 1/2 mm diameter geometric.
  2. Design did with three wavelengths. Put the the central wavelength in the multiconfiguration editor and optimize for zero secondary color. Central color crossing is 610 nm. Design radii: 37.991, -30.158, -125.472 with a BFL of 100 (marginal ray solve)
  3. Using thin lenses (zero thickness), the secondary color to 505 nm is |45| µm. The design radii are: 14.795, -1327.672, 111.019. BFL is 38. The central wavelength is 505 nm.
  4. The Max CFS is 50.2177 µm from the CFS plot